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Taita Hills Game Sanctuary

The Taita Hills lie to the south of Tsavo West and on the fertile land in the saddles between the main peaks the Taita tribe grow a variety of vegetables. On the plains below is the Taita Hills Game Sanctuary - a private game sanctuary separated from the vast Tsavo west only by a road. Animals roam freely between the two areas and in the hills that dot this sanctuary. 

Taita Hills Game Sanctuary consists mainly of plains and woodlands, with typical riverbank vegetation along the water course and is home to over 50 species of mammals and 300 species of birds, wildlife include elephant, lion, oryx, lesser kudu, zebra, impala, dik-dik and a wide variety of smaller animals. Bird life includes the extremely rare Taita Falcon, a bird recorded in early Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Taita Hills Game Sanctuary region is more remote than the most of the other visited parks and reserves in Kenya , the perfect destination for anyone looking for an opportunity to get away from it all and relax in the wild. 

A variety of short excursions can be made from the Sanctuary. Towards the Tanzania border lie Lakes Jipe and Chala, the former, home of many water birds, while Lake Chala is the deepest crater lake in Africa. The nearby Kaisugu Hills were the battle ground of the German forces and the British Army led by General Smuts in the 1914/18 war, and it is here that the formidable Lord Grogan (famous for his walk from Cape to Cairo for the love of a lady) built his home which is locally known as Grogan’s Castle.


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