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Lake Nakuru National Park

Attraction in Lake Nakuru National park include;

  • Over 450 species of birdlife
  • Over 1 million Flamingoes
  • Plentiful & easy game viewing
  • Leopard, White Rhino
  • Picturesque landscape & Yellow Acacia

Lake Nakuru is world famous for huge numbers of flamingoes, and was created a National Park to protect its stunning flocks of lesser flamingo, which literally turn its shores pink. Its birdlife is world renowned: a beacon for leading ornithologists, scientists and wildlife film-makers. The park spans an attractive range of wooded and bush grassland around the lake offering wide ecological diversity, from lake water, woodland to the rocky escarpments and ridges.

Notable game within the lake includes hippo and clawless otters. On the shores roam waterbuck, Bohor's Reedbuck and zebra. The woodlands and forest are now home to both black and white rhino. In 1987, only two black rhinos remained following the ravages of poaching. By creating a rhino sanctuary within the park and reintroducing a breeding herd from Laikipia, the K.W.S. has now successfully re-established rhino in the park.

Game viewing is relatively easy: buffalo, leopard, lion, Rothschild's giraffe, Black and White Colobus monkey are plentiful in the forest. The bushlands offer eland, steinbok, impala, Chandler's reedbuck and dik dik, whilst rock hyrax and klipspringer occupy the cliffs and escarpment.

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